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Job overview

Area of Responsibility
Sports Medicine
Santa Barbara, California

Assistant Athletic Trainer

University of California – Santa BarbaraFull-TimeSanta Barbara, CA

● 35% of Time: Applies professional concepts to provide the full range of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. Demonstrates good judgment in selecting methods and techniques for obtaining solutions. 1. Initiates and determines the nature, scope, and/or extent of the injury or illness of any intercollegiate athlete. 2. Initiates medical care of athletic illness and injury. 3. Refers and follows-up on injury referral to team physician and consulting physicians. 4. Administers treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries prescribed by team physician and consulting physicians. 5. Application and usage of all therapeutic modalities and rehabilitation techniques/exercise equipment. 6. Applies prophylactic bandages, tape, and braces before all practices and games in an attempt to prevent further injury to the athletes. 7. Advises coaches in the development and implementation of training and conditioning programs for all teams, and the reconditioning of injured athletes. 8. Advises coaches and athletes on guidelines of specific health situations.

● 25% of Time: Maintains accurate medical records and files  Prepares and reviews insurance information and claims.   Determines training, medical supplies and equipment needs for the ATR.  Maintains accurate inventory of all supplies and equipment.   Participates in daily infection and sanitation control of the ATR by cleaning and disinfecting all equipment, floors, and tables.  Maintains all medical, exercise, and training room equipment.  Maintains compliance and certification status records of staff and coaches for First Aid responders with training in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillator (AED).  Coordinate the scheduling of certification courses for ICA staff as needed.  Serves as the liaison and coordinator of ICA Training Room services to sports camps (UCSB and privately sponsored. Enforces ATR safety procedures.

● 15% of Time: Works in collaboration with campus Student Health Services (SHS), Team Physician, and the Department of Intercollegiate Athletic Training Room. 1. Assists with pre-participation physicals for all student athletes to determine if they are physically/mentally able to compete. 2. Coordinates clinical and physician appointments between athlete and SHS or an outside referral. 3. Provides a referral system for counseling and guidance services to all athletes for medical and non-medical problems. Coordinate guest lectures on specific health issues for athletes. 4. Responsible for communication with all necessary parties regarding student athlete injury status, rehabilitation status and modification to activities.

● 10% of Time: Directs and administers the training program and supervises and instructs graduate assistants and athletic training student interns: 1. Coordinates training room activities during treatment, practices, and games/meets. 2. Provides an educational experience for athletic training interns. 3. Teaches in association with the development of the athletic training internship.        

  ● 15% of Time: Maintain current status as a Certified Athletic Trainer by the National Athletic Trainers Association. Complete necessary requirements of continuing education units to maintain current certified status by attending workshops, symposiums, lectures, meetings, conventions, and etc. to stay abreast of current trends. Maintain professional conduct at all times. Perform additional teaching duties and assignments with other campus departments. Conduct workshops and lectures for interested University and community groups. Complete all UCSB mandated training and awareness courses.                  Perform additional duties as assigned by the Associate A.D. - Sports Medicine and the Director of Athletics.